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Hello, world!

I’m back! For the very few of you who already know me, hello again, friends! For the vast majority of people who don’t have any idea who I am, it’s very nice to meet you! My name is Irene. I don’t like long introductions, but I feel it’s only fair to provide you with a little bit of my background, so you get an idea of who’s behind the words.

First of all: Welcome and thank you for being here, my friends! I’ve wanted to open this space for a long time, but I kept making silly excuses because, well, I was kind of afraid. Finally, I’ve decided to follow many experts’ advice: Do what scares you most, and you’ll succeed! So, here we go!

Random Facts about Irene:

• For several years, I dedicated myself to writing every single week on a great blog called “Divorce Smart, Not Hard” (if you’re going through a romantic separation, go check it out).
• I was born in Venezuela 41 years ago, and I moved to beautiful US in 2010.
• If you asked me the best word to define myself, I would say “discipline” without even thinking about it.
• When I commit myself to something, I let discipline take the lead, so I’ve accomplished great things by putting that principle first and foremost in my life.
• I’m not an expert on anything; I simply have a passion for certain subjects, and I love sharing my experiences about them with as many people as I can.
• My own life experience has instilled in me a love for one subject in particular: wellness. I absolutely believe that our bodies are a sacred temple for our souls to grow, so they need to work together and keep balanced if we want to live our lives the best possible way.

I used to have a very toxic relationship with food, and I don’t mean I ate too much or too little (although at times I went through some tough phases). However, I used to see food as the enemy instead of the biggest health ally we have. I’m learning to love my body. I’m learning to admire and respect food. I’m learning to find the balance between body and soul through meditation. I’m learning to value the space between stimulus and response.* I’m learning to live a life from a space of love and tolerance. I’m learning to love myself as I am.

I absolutely love writing, so I decided to share everything I keep learning from life here, but I don’t want to keep the space just for me. Relax, It’s Not a Diet is a space for all of us to share, learn, and enjoy our wellness journeys. Food nourishes us all in different ways, so you’ll find no imposed “diet style” here. The way we enjoy exercise is different for each one of us as well, so you also won’t see an imposed “workout routine” here, either. The way meditation gives our souls a voice is different for each one of us, so I also don’t impose a “meditation style” here.

Relax, It’s Not a Diet is a space for all of us to work together and aim for individual wellness in a collective way. The only rule for this space is to love and respect yourself first, so you can love and respect others.

I’ll share here what my soul asks me to share. Some days, I’ll share recipes. Some days, I’ll share workouts. Some days, I’ll share my written lessons about life. Some days, I’ll share various experts’ meditation techniques. On other days, I’ll share random inspiring stories. I promise to do my best to keep reminding all of us that life is more beautiful and enjoyable when we actually relax about it.

I’ll see you all soon! And remember: Relax … this is NOT a diet! 

Thank you!!

Before reacting to things, breathe 🧘🏽‍♀️

Irene Gamboa

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”