Hello, world!
m back! For the very few of you who already know me, hello again, friends! For the vast majority of people who don’t have any idea who I am, it’s very nice to meet you! My name is Irene. I don’t like long introductions, but I feel it’s only fair to provide you with a little bit of my background, so you get an idea of who’s behind the words.

First of all: Welcome and thank you for being here, my friends! I’ve wanted to open this space for a long time, but I kept making silly excuses because, well, I was kind of afraid. Finally, I’ve decided to follow many experts’ advice: Do what scares you most, and you’ll succeed! So, here we go!

I used to have a very toxic relationship with food, and I don’t mean I ate too much or too little (although at times I went through some tough phases). However, I used to see food as the enemy instead of the biggest health ally we have.  Learn more at About Me page


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